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On the music side I am still listening to Ray Lamontange and hoping he will bring out a new album soon. Scott Matthews is well worth a listen and does an excellent The Smiths cover of The boy with a thorn in his side. Iron & Wine keep producing gentle LPs that you will no doubt recognise from various adverts. Speaking of music you may have heard but been too sure who it is, the closing credit music to BBC's Gavin & Stacey is by Stephen Fretwell's first album from a couple of years ago, Magpie. Thoroughly recommended as is his latest. Bruce Springsteen's latest album Magic is not completely to my taste although I recommend anyone to buy the Live in Dublin album - one day I will learn how to play the banjo!


On the TV side I have followed Charlie Brooker's (more here...) advice and persevered with The Wire. If you give it some time and patience it is very rewarding and the quality of the writing and production shines through. I am currently working my way through the second series and also have the third and fourth lined up. Damages also comes highly recommended. In some ways I wish that this was a one off as the story slightly tailed off towards the end in order to set up the second series. However, there is no doubt that I will be watching the next installments.
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